We have the pleasure to present "Service" our latest video featuring Massimo Cristofoletti, Davide Rossano, Markus Mauroner, Tom Lucchi, Elmehdi Contaki, Filippo Coin and Ramon Campanella. Enjoy some photos from these clips in a brief glance issue 66 and 67 printed editions. Filming Mattia Tommasoli, Davide Biondani, Luca Crestani. Editing Davide Biondani.  

Mobbin’ with Rob Maatman

Rob Maatman x Mob Grip. Filming and editing by Jan Maarten.

Rat Ratz 7

Episode 7 of the Rat Ratz series is out, featuring Ale Cesario, Twiggy, Jade Mendoza, Zuma, Emanuel Perez, Mathis Khelifi, Myles Shankie, Mouss Salem, Rachid Doubiani, Shish, Emi Maiotti, Nico Giovannoni, Vince Palmer, Starsky, Luca Real G, Giuseppe Rodriguez, and Nils Matijas. Filmed by Alessio Brisquit, additional filming Formizz and Spezzatura.

Matisse Pissdrunx

Matisse Banc has a sick part out for Pissdrunx.    

The Butterfly

"The Butterfly" is Strobeck's Violet Skateboards 9+ minutes new video featuring Efron Danzig (who has a full part), Troy Gipson, Kyle Teh, Seven Strong, Auguste Bouznad, Patrick O’Mara and Kris Brown.


Haze Wheels released "Portug'Haze" video filmed in 10 days in Porto by  Kemisse Zouikri.

Primitive Skate | REC Ep.1

Primitive presents "REC" a new series by Eric Iwakura capturing skating in a format reminiscent to his favorite camera, the Sony VX1000. Featuring Brian Peacock, Trent McClung, and Carlos Ribeiro.

Josh McLaughlin x Frog Skateboards

Josh McLaughlin filmed by Ed Claire for Frog Skateboards.  

Dial Tone _ Landline

Theories Of Atlantis uploaded on their YouTube channel Dial Tone's "Landline" video originally released on Thrasher in September 2022. Filmed and edited by Jake Todd. Additional Filming by Nnamdi Ihekwoaba, Josh Stewart, John Valenti, Habuchin, Paul Young, Kuba Kaczmarczyrk, Zach Sayles.  

Throwback with Lukasz

Andrew Zolin released a short edit featuring Lukasz Kolasowski filmed sometimes ago.