Vancouver Video.

Stussy in Vancouver, a new video by Jesse Alba and Shari White featuring Hugo Boserup, Diego Todd, David Stenstrom, Gabe Thompson, Stafhon Boca, Aaron Loreth, Jesse Alba, Dylan Fulford and  Yom.

Candy Coast _ Helua

Candy Coast released "Helua" a new video by Mattia Tommasoli, the mind behind the Candy projects,starring Ramon Campanella, Luca Convertini, Elmehdi Contaki, Samuele Guidi, legendary Marco Lambertucci and  some friends. Filmed between Pesaro, Ancona, Roma and Palermo in 2023.  

Peace n love4

Quartersnacks released "Peace n love4" a new video edit out of Tokyo by Kenta Okamoto.

Rick Howard Mega MixTape by Manolos Tapes _ Closer Skateboarding

Our friends at always excellent Closer Skateboarding released a Rick Howard's megamix by Manolos Tapes covering most of Rick's career from Blockhead, Plan B, Girl, TransWorld... Get a copy of Closer Skateboard Magazine and enjoy Howard's 18 pages interview by Chrome Ball.

480 _ New Balance Numeric in Chicago

New Balance Numeric in Chicago testing the new 480 with  Andrew Reynolds, Justin Henry, Ryan Lay, Jordan Trahan, Charlie Birch, and Marcello Campanello. A video by Kyle Camarillo, Tyler Wilcox, Tim Savage.

Noah _ Future Man

Noah Clothing presents "Future Man" a video edit by Alex Greenberg featuring Louie Lopez, Frankie Decker, John Clemmons and Chris Tenorio.  

Nike SB React Leo.

Nike SB released a short edit starring Nick Boserio, Dante Narita-Johnson, Ben Lawrie, Tai Wepa and Hayley Wilson skating the new React Leo shoe.

Just a camera try out.

“Hey Ste, I have a new camera, are you down to film some lines?” This is how this video project started and developed, without much planning. It turned into a fun thing to work on that will be also be a nice memory of our DIY Galliano Skatepark located in Verona, Italy. Starring Stefano Amadio…

Once more _ Vans Greece.

Vans Europe presents "Once More" a new video from Vans' Greek skateboarding team filmed & directed by Kostas Mandilas, featuring:Alex Tsagalidis Asimina Manouskou Dennis Skamnas Dimitris Kaberis Giorgio Zavos Nikolas Konstadakis Notis Aggelis Thanasis Arabouli Thanos Panou Tony Josephides .

Camel Skateboards _ Capers video.

"Capers" is Camel Skateboards' first full length skate video filmed and edited by Dominic Chambers, featuring: ordan Leadbetter, Isaac ‘Ike’ Bradley Baker, Isaac Peltzer , Corie Gray, Kieran Pope, Hassn Makki , Miguel Ruiz, Paco , Matheus Dubronks, Connie Gascoyne Ross Coker, Paul Hill , Louie Buckley-King , Leo Turner, Luke Fletcher, Vaughan Jones ,…