About the mag.

This story started many year ago, around 1991, when our growing passion for skateboard magazines pushed us to “do something” leading us to start an editorial project under the name of “Along the way”.

At that time we were too young to make a skateboard magazine and computers were far from today’s IMacs. The only affordable way to make our voice being heard were fanzines…
Days and nights spent glueing and photocopying…

Our passion for magazines and skateboarding pushed us to start shooting photos and contributing to early days skateboard magazines.

Everything came just natural and, even our studies were taking us far away from our “passion”, we kept on following our dreams, giving 100% and make many of them come true.

We have spent the most of our lives pushing our boards and working for skateboard magazines.

A the beginning of 2010 we realized the time for a change had come and so we started this new adventure called “a brief glance skateboard mag” in a world where all the rules seemed to be subverted, again we felt the need “to do something”.

A new beginning, taking advantage of modern technologies opportunities and trying our best to do something good.

a brief glance skateboard magazine started as a digital skateboard magazines when web magazines were something really, really, new. Soon after we started also printing it on hi-quality paper and distributed all over Europe.

We love good news.

About us.

Davide Biondani is a photographer from Italy, he started skateboarding in 1988 and shooting skateboard photos around 1992 when he started contributing to “XXX Skateboard Magazine”, the main Italian skateboard magazine at that time.

Since then he has been skating and shooting photos for magazines and companies around the world, publishing his works in European and international magazines such as: Thrasher (USA); Sidewalk (UK); Transworld Skateboarding (USA); Slap (USA); Kingpin (EU); Skateboarder (USA); The Skateboarder’s Journal (Australia).

From 2001 he worked for nine years as main photographer and editor for 6:00am Skateboard Magazine. In the meanwhile he completed his university education, he traveled a lot around the world, he designed clothes and did experiment new fields of photography.

He started a brief glance” skateboard magazine at the beginning of 2010.

Guido Bendotti is a skateboarder from Italy, he started skating in 1987 and still skates, almost everyday. He has traveled the world just to follow his passion trying to land some tricks in nice places. Guido is like a living skateboarding encyclopedia; for years he has written for many magazines and he is one of the minds (and hands) behind the Knodel Bowl project.

Guido rules.