Muòrica (2014)

Originally released in 2014, "Muòrica" is a special special project set in Modica, (located in southern Sicily) a fascinating place that captivates you in its labyrinth of tiny alleys and staircases climbing up the steep hills teeming with small houses made of white rock, all piled up atop one another, closing off the valley as if…

Christmas Island

Pass~Port, Vans & Build Up Skateboarding Present "Christmas Island" a video by Jonathan Fitzgerald, featuring Adelaide Norris, Callum Paul, Jack Kirk, Trent Evans, Jack Dowden. Filmed in Christmas Island a remote small volcanic land located in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

John Baragwanath Static VI Part

Josh Stewart released, via Quartersnacks, John Baragwanath's part from the stellar Static VI video. Enjoy this gem and get the full video on DVD or limited edition VHS at Theories's web site.

3_20 SMILES (2013)

3_20 SMILES originally released in October 2013, features 3 years worth of images collected during the making of the first 20 issues of the mag. Filming and editing: Andrew Zolin. Starring: Mauro Caruso, Phil Zwijsen, Danny Galli, Andy Lopes, Fabio Montagner, Peppe Romeo, Ale Cesario, Luca Crestani, Ricky Comini, Matteo Lavarini, Matteo Creminati, Ale Bonacci,…

Hélas “Leo”

Hèlas welcomes Léo Cholet to the team with this short and nice edit.  

Billy (2017).

"Billy" is Pietro Bontà's video part filmed and edited by Andrew Zolin, with solid additional filming by Francesco Cantoro, we released in February 2017 as accompanying video part of a brief glance issue #41. It's always a pleasure to watch footage of one of our fav. Yes Billy!

Shaun Paul _ Hoddle

Shaun Paul x Hoddle Skateboards.  

Yardsale _ YS3

"YS3" is Yardsale's new video featuring Alex Hatfield, Kelvinas Litvinas, Curtis Pearl, Stanley Pradel, Thaynan Costa and Bear Myles. Filmed and edited by Daniel Kreitem.

Promenade _ New Balance Numeric 2019

In Spring 2019 the New Balance Numeric squad spent 8 days skating in the South of France between Menton, Nice and Marseille and came back home with "Promenade" a fresh new video featuring Massimo Cristofoletti, Ale Cesario, Davide Holzknecht, Jack Thompson, Raffaele Pola, Karl Salah and Mark Baines. Released in July 2019. Filming and editing:…

John Shanahan’s Double Down _ DGK

John Shanahan's "Double Down" part released for DGK now up on their channel. Filmed and edited by Brian Panebianco.