“ROAD LESS TRAVELED” FALLEN EURO TOUR 2011 / Demo in Brescia -Italy

Jamie Thomas, Garret Hill, Tommy Sandoval, Dane Burman, Jack Curtin, Anthony Shultz and Tom Asta were around Europe for the Fallen “Less Traveled Road” tour 2011.

After hitting UK and Switzerland, they spent 3 days in sunny Italy for two demos and some street skating.

The first demo was  last friday in Brescia at the Railway skatepark where a large crowd were waiting for the Fallen team since early afternoon.

The show was fun and after two hours of demo on the ramps of the park  Tommy  Sandoval asked people to move away from the steps where they were sitting on and another hour and half session went down the big four.

Definitely a good day of skateboarding with the Fallen boys.

Jamie Thomas, fs ollie over.

Fallen team at Frisco shop.

Jack Curtin, switch fs feeble.

Dane Burman, wallie transfer.

Tom Asta, kickflip bs nosegrind bs out.

Jamie Thomas, fs feeble grind.

Tommy Sandoval, bs backward nosegrind.

Tom Asta, kickflip bs tailslide.

Dane Burman, fs ollie fakie 5-0 grind.


Tommy Sandoval, kickflip bluntslide.

Garrett Hill, pop shove-it over.

Dane Burman, bluntslide.

Jon Dickson, nollie kickflip.

Dane Burman, tre flip.

Tommy Sandoval, fs kickflip.

Dane Burman, hardflip.