“ROAD LESS TRAVELED” FALLEN EURO TOUR 2011 / Demo in Cesena -Italy

Demo in Cesena, second day of the “Road Less Traveled” tour.

After a signing session at Double K Skateshop, at least 300 people coming from all over the country met up at Jurassic Skatepark to see the Fallen team skating the park.

Good tricks on the green gap and the big rail, the sky was blue and everyone was happy.

Tomorrow the team is moving to Croatia for the last part of their mission.

Enjoy the pics.

Garrett Hill, bs kickflip over.

Tommy Sandoval, bs heelflip.

Jamie Thomas, pole jam one foot.

Jon Dickson, bs nollie.

Dane Burman, bs smith grind.

Garrett Hill, fs tailslide.

Jamie Thomas, fs lipslide.

Anthony Shultz, fs boardslide up.

Tommy Sandoval, switch ollie.

Tommy Sandoval, fs kickflip.

Jamie Thomas, fs tailslide.

Jurassic Skatepark overview.

Signing session at KK skateshop.

Garrett Hill, crooks.

Jamie Thomas, fs smith grind.

Garrett Hill, fs nosegrind over crooks.