Emerica Wild In The Streets 2012 – Milano.

Yes! We did it again!

On June 21 tons of skaters hit the streets in eight different cities of Italy for the Emerica Wild in the Streets 2012.

Everyone was so excited to be a part of this special day.

While we’re still waiting for all the photos and video reports from all the cities we want to show you what happened in Milano.

We started from a special meeting point, the exhibition called “Do Not Think”, pushed through the city landing at Parco Lambro for a classic session at the concrete bowl.

Have a look at the photos and make yourself ready for the next year.

Stay Gold. Stay Wild.

(Davide Martinazzo).

All photos Riccardo Ceccato and Fabio Montagner. All rights reserved.


Jacopo Picozza, nollie bs heel.

Jacopo Carozzi, melon transfer.

Aref Koushes, alley oop wallride.

Jacopo Carozzi, wallride.

Jacopo Carozzi, tuck knee.

Aref Koushes, transfer fs grab.