Blast! The Big One 2012.

The 3rd edition of Blast! The Big One took place at The Society Plaza in Seregno, not far from Milano.

30 skateboarders divided in 6 heats had 15 minutes to skate the gap and the new rail.

On saturday the junior contest took place and the best 3 skaters had the chance to skate during the main event on sunday.

It was good to see new people killing the park.

The event was supported by Blast! Distribution, Adidas and All ramps.

See you next year.


1. Luca Collu / Nollie bigspin heelflip.

2. Marco Lambertucci / fs kickflip over the rail.

3. Franco Simeoni / Inward heelflip.

Best trick on the rail. Iuri Furdui / switch fs boardslide.

Il Baro, fakie airwalk.

Ivan Inglese, tre flip.

Raffaele Schirinzi, fakie heelflip.

Marco Lambertucci, fs kickflip over (the hard way).

Luca Collu, pain before glory.

Iuri Furdui, switch fs boardslide.

Guido Stazi. impossible.

Dylan Gaggini, bluntslide.

Ale Cesario, fs bluntslide.

Elmo, fs nosegrind.

Elmo, fs feeble grind.

The winners.