Welcome to a brief glance skateboardmag issue_47

We are happy to present a brief glance issue 47. Play your favorite track, get a drink and enjoy our first issue of 2018.


Fragments _ Milano, Paris, Lecce, Marseille.

Cross Eyed _ a special article shot by Reece Leung.

Glamping in the Landscape _ The Landscape team spent some days glamping & skating in the Bristol area filming for they upcoming video. Our agent Leo Sharp was with them to document the whole mission.

Waiting for the Sun_ A new mission for the Antiz guys, with new and old faces in the team; some days in Germany trying to escape from the rain. Photos by Clement La Gall.

A Silent Man_ Efrem Sapienza_ From Sicily to Torino to make money.

The Harsh Winter_Skating in the cold with your friends.


Cover: Luc Boimond, bs grab transfer in Geneve, Switzerland shot by Sebastiano Bartoloni.