Welcome to a brief glance skateboardmag issue_28.

We are happy to present you a brief glance issue_28 and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Inside the issue:

FRAGMENTS // Melbourne, Dresden, San Francisco, Belfast.

WHITE MARBLE //a series of images taken in spots made of white marble in the Eternal City.

SHREDDING WITH THE BOYS // Emerica Europe’s team enjoying the spots of norther Italy.

EXERCISES IN REVOLUTION //  carhartt’s riders Sylvain Tognelli and Bram De Cleen skating a wooden replica of  Tony Smith’s sculture “Fee Ride” at Museo MAXXI in Roma.

PLACES // New England.

A MATTER OF SMILES // an interview with Gummy.

DUSTED OFF // Sean Malto & Ryan Smith_Belgium 2006.

Cover: Eniz Fazliov // Crooks pop over in Verona // photo Davide Biondani.