Welcome to a brief glance skateboardmag issue_26.

We have the pleasure to present you a brief glance issue_26.

On the cover: Kevin Tshala_Ollie over the pole. Photo_DVL_

Inside the issue:

FRAGMENTS / Karsten Kleppan, Dave Snaddon, Marcello Pettenuzzo, Cristian Trocker.

a conversation with Daewon Song /  Planes, Trains, Automobiles and a BBQ_ the DVS team between the Alps.

Strange differences / the very last days of filming for the new Strange Skateboards video.

Places / Scotland, the Highlands.

(Never) Mind The Gap / Fred Mortagne and Jacopo Carozzi_one day in Lyon.

Book / The PORT LAND book_Oli Buerging talks about the new park of Basel.


Dusted Off_Bruno Aballay.

Enjoy the new issue of a brief glance and then call your friends and go out skateboarding!