Vans Shop Riot 2018_Italy_photo report.

The Italian leg of the Vans Shop Riot 2018, “the 10th Anniversary Edition” took place last Sunday, September the 16th, at Pinbowl Skatepark in Milano. The day started in the worst way when Fabio Montagner, while cruising around the park before the opening, took a really bad slam and opened his eyebrow in two. Apparently he was off for the day. 15 shops teams took part in the event and all of them killed it. Skateshops that have a team and support the local skaters are the backbone of the skateboard scene. At the end of the day Flame Shop Casteo got 1st place, Sub Shop 2nd and Big Air Lab 3rd. Fabio Montagner, got some stitches and not only contributed to his team’s victory, but also won one of the best tricks with a kick flip crooks down the big rail. Fabio Colombo took the 1st price in the best trick contest down the double set with a clean nollie heel flip while Jacopo Picozza got the golden medal thanks to a perfect crooks nollie kick flip out on the big hubba. Congrats to Vans for the event and to all the skate teams involved in the event. See you soon at Pinbowl Skatepark for the Vans Shop Riot European Final.

Pepe Tirelli, fs ollie over to switch manny down.

Davide Holzknecht, fs feeble.

Chiole, bs bluntslide.

Kevin Duman, ollie over to bs tailslide.

Fabio Montagner, bs lip slide.

Indro Martinenghi, fs stalefish.

Davide Rossano, fakie fs kickflip.

Aref, invert wallride.

Davide Holzknecht, 360 flip.

Fabio Montagner, bs smith grind.

Mattia Turco, boneless noseblunt slide.

Andrea Cimadamore, feeble grind.

Fabio Montagner, kickflip fs boardslide.

360 flip.

Indro Martinenghi, nosegrind.

Giuseppe, 360 flip.

Jacopo Picozza, charging a nollie kickflip off a croocks down the hubba.

Luca Crestani, bs smith grind.

Fabio Montagner, backward nosegrind.

Fabio Montagner, fs nosegrind overcrooks.

Jacopo Picozza, Fabio Montagner, Fabio Colombo. Best trick winners.

Flame Shop, 1st place.

Sub Shop, 2dn place.

Big Air Lab, 3rd place.


All photos Davide Biondani [Canon].