Vans PROPELLER video première_London.

Attend the première of a skateboard video you have been waiting for so long is always a thrill, and this video is a very special one for us because is directed by one of our favorite filmmaker (and pro skateboarder), the one and only Greg Hunt. Furthermore, if you skateboard Vans would always means something special for you. On april 30 we had the luck to be London for the Vans Propeller Video première that a took place at Prince Charles Cinema that was full of people who came to enjoy the show. Greg Hunt and all the skateboarders and people involved in the project did a great job: 60 minutes of pure skateboarding, the good old great skateboarding, no frills contour, no bullshit, and all the styles of the team riders showed in the best possible way. We think the easiest way to judge a skateboard video is to see if it makes you desire to go out skating. And the Vans Propeller video make you definitively want to go out skating. After the screening  everyone moved at the House Of Vans for the after party with the Vans team. Do yourself a favor, check where is the closest première and go watch this video. The DVD & book will be available soon, get all the infos here.

(all photos_Davide Biondani).


Tony Trujillo.

Greg Hunt.

900 propeller vans post-18

Cab & Hosoi.