Vans Park Series World Championship_Huntington Beach Recap.

Concluding an intense, weeklong showcase of the final qualifying rounds of the 2017 VPS Men’s and Women’s Pro Tour in Huntington Beach, CA, Vans Park Series congratulates Tom Schaar and Brighton Zeuner for their winning performances, in addition to the incredible 2017 VPS Challengers field who have boosted their rankings all season long in hopes to earn the exclusive invite to the World Championships in Shanghai on September 23. The Huntington Beach final Men’s event saw an explosive performance by the number one qualifying skater in the 2017 season’s Challenger rankings, Tom Schaarwho soared through the park with massive heights and incredible speed to surpass the field yet again. Schaar secures his second podium win of the season after taking Australia back in March, and remains a significant threat for the world title showdown.

Women’s VPS Global Qualifier Huntington Beach Results, August 3.

1. Brighton Zeuner

2. Bryce Wettstein

3. Nora Vasconcellos

Men’s VPS Global Qualifier Huntington Beach Results, August 5.

1. Tom Schaar

2. Ben Hatchell

3. CJ Collins

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