VANS PARK SERIES FINALS_MALMO_photo report and interviews.


The photo report from the Vans Park Series Finals in Malmo, Sweden, is finally out. We had a quick chat with Jake Phelps, Nora Vasconcellos and Jack Fardell. For the record Alex Sorgente won the Mens comp, Brighton Zeuner the Women’s finals and Roman Pablich the Skate Malmo’s Shred event. (click on the photo above for full screen photo gallery)


How are you Jake?
I’m good.

What do you think about the current state of skateboarding?
It’s better than ever, it’s about good times skating, it doesn’t matter who does the best, biggest, or longest. It’s just about having fun with your friends, ‘cause it’s gonna be gone when you’re old, so do it while you can do it, do it now, because it’s gonna be over very quickly.

What about this park in Malmo and the contest format?
This park is good, I was here early this week when they opened it, and for sure I’ll be back next year.

Who’s gonna win?



What do you think about this contest and the Vans Park Series?
The park is so good, I hope to have something like this near my house, so I can skate it every day. It’s totally cool that they built it and they’re gonna leave it here, so I’m gonna fly back to Sweden to skate this. I hope in the US, Vans is gonna do the same thing. Build something that good and leave it there.

What’s your take on skateboarding and womens’ skateboarding as a movement? I know everybody asks you the same thing.
No no, it’s chill… a lot of girls are super good. It’s hard to be a skateboarder as a girl, basically it’s considered a male thing, so it’s hard to bring home that type of culture as a girl. It’s a really difficult dynamic to be around, parents are concerned and so on… you don’t see that much with the mens’… it’s really cool that they held the AM division for girls, ‘cause that’s gonna help us as skateboarders and the “movement” is gonna grow, and more girls are gonna skate.

How’s the contest?
For me it’s hard, I don’t have that kind of contest background, usually I just skate. I’m competing so I can travel the world to skate, and that’s what I wanna do.

Take your boyfriend around the world, eheheh.
Yeah, ha ha ha. I think a lot of people skate to compete and I don’t like that at all.



How are you mate? I really like that 5-0 to fakie (Jack just landed one of the longest mayday grinds I’ve ever seen).
Thank you mate… I’m good, it’s sunny here in Malmo.

You’ve just released a great video part for Adidas! You’re an all terrain destroyer.
Thank you, it was hard to film it, I was skating every day, pushing myself, and traveling a lot. It was a great experience, and I’m super proud to be involved in such a big project and amazing video!

How long did you film for?
Mmm, 5 months almost…

Yeah… I got on two years before the deadline, but I got hurt and couldn’t skate for a long time, but I’m stoked on what I’ve done.

Five months… crazy! So, what do you think about this bowl?
The bowl’s amazing! It’s definitely the best bowl I’ve skated for the Vans Park Series, such a rad bowl, and definitely the biggest bowl in this series. Perfect transition, great lines, I love it!

It looks a little slippery, maybe because it’s so new.
Yeah, it’s new and the concrete is a little chunky, but if you find your line you’re good.

Who are the big competitors today?
Oh man, Pedro is the biggest competitor here. He’s the best competition skater in the world, for sure! He’s amazing, and he’s definitely one of the favorites. And then there’s Ben Hatchell, he has like 1000 tricks in his bag. So these guys are definitely the favorites… and Ivan Federico, he’s a young kid from Italy, and he’s amazing.

How was the Vans Park Series?
I was invited to be one of the top 15, thanks guys. I actually missed Australia. That’s my home country. I was upset. I was filming for the Adidas video, so I couldn’t fly home to skate there, but I went to all the other ones, and now I’m here in Malmo for the final and I’m very exited.

What’s next for you?
Man, I’ve got a bunch of stuff going on. I’ve got some trips planned and I want to go back home to Australia for the summer. I just got married, so I wanna enjoy a little of my married life. But now I’m focused on the contest. My wife and my family are here, so it’s pretty exciting.

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