Vans Downtown Showdown Paris_final results.

Waiting for the abg’s report about the Vans Downtown Showdown in Paris with a SPECIAL ISSUE out next monday, below you can find the final results of the contest.

Palace Obstacle

1st – Luan Oliveira // 2nd – Louie Lopez // 3rd – Yuri Facchini


Element Obstacle

1st – Pedro Barros // 2nd Sylvain Tognelli // 3rd – Louie Lopez


Cliché Obstacle

1st – Josef Scott Jatta // 2nd – Luan Oliveria // 3rd – Louie Lopez


Flip Obstacle

1st – Nassim Guammaz // 2nd – Karsten Kleppan // 3rd – Chris Pfanner


Monster Quasimodo

Evandro Martins


Best Amateur

Nassim Guammaz


Best Pro

Luan Oliveira



1st – Element

2nd – Sweet

3rd – Flip

4th – Dropdead