Support The United Skateboard Photography Project!!!

The United Skateboard Photography Project is working with 85 skateboard photographers like Grant Brittain, Brian Fick, Dan Sparagna, Jim Goodrich and many more to create a 300 page hardcover photography book and sell it with 100% of the revenue going to the non-profit Grind For Life organisation which helps cancer patients and their families pay the medical bills for the treatment.

Everything is ready to go after 17 months of work and the crowdfunding campaign currently going on to raise the necessary 20.000 euros to print 1.000 books has only 20 days left to go. We have raised 3.445 euros so there’s a way to go still. Donations from 5 to 500 euros are available.

We hope we have raised your interest to support through a donation and/or maybe you know other people/companies who could be interested in supporting the project.”

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Support The United Skateboard Photography Project! Check the crowdfunding site.

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They are offering the possibility now to book either:

– 640×400 pixel web ads on the site for an entire week for 150 euros to support the book print or

– full-page ads for only 500 euros (or double page spreads, just double the price ) which will go straight to supporting the book print and Grind For Life. If you need more information, please contact them at