Nike Skateboarding LOOK RIGHT – official video.

“Pushing your skateboard in the streets of London is priceless, and makes you feel good, even if sometimes the pavement is rough and the rain is almost never lacking .. you push your skateboard, you look around and you’re fine. Absolutely fine. Eight days with the italian and uk Nike skateboarding teams visiting the city and skating the spots between one rainshower and another.”

Filmed and edited by Sergio Minnici, this is the video from the mission.

Check abg issue 14 for the full article.

Nike Skateboarding Look Right TUMBLR


Nike Skateboarding Italy Team.

Jak, Smithy, Joey.

Mauro Caruso, nosebonk.

Smithy, fs tailslide.

Lambi, fs rock.

Crest, fs bluntslide.

Mauro, bs lip.

Lambi, fs noseblunt.

Mauro, ollie uo, ollie over, nosebonk.

Crest, fs noseblunt slide.

Jacopo, fs ollie to switch crooks in.


Mauro, ollie up to 50-50 grind.

Crest, ollie up to ollie over.

Mauro, fs smith.

Lambi, fs kickflip.

Kyron Davis, bs biggie.

Kyron and Mauro.


Mauro, nollie bs kickflip.