Italian Skateboard Championship 2011

On the 8th an 9th October the “crème” of Italian skateboarding met in Osimo for the annual edition of Skateboard Society contest. Last stop

of the Italian Champ circuit, the event took place in some of the best concrete facility of the nation. Opened a couple of years ago the

Skatepark comes out of Luca Crestani’s mind offering a broad variety of obstacles mixing transition, banks, whoops, rails and stairs in an

allround concrete wonderland. Fatal forecast stated season change was due of the contest weekend and so it was… Despite what you think of

Italian weather looking from a northern perspective.. well, it can get cold also here too! Go ask those been free-camping at the skatepark on

Saturday night. Charitable enough, despite the forecasts, weather gifted us with a non rainy weekend letting the event go through the

entire program SaturdayNight Death Race included.

Fabio Montagner grabbed the first place and together with this victory got back the title of Italian Champ for the 5th in the last 7 years… He is the

top Italian Contest skater hands down. Lil’ Orfeo Ranieri turned out to with under 16 category putting himself in the top spot of Junior

Italian ranking for this year. You know what’s good about Italian Champ in Italy? Those in the top spots of previous year ranking get

euro event trips payed… Good enough for the skater to stand such a name as “National Championship”.

Jacopo Picozza, tre flip.

Massi Baratono, fs noseblunt.

Jacopo Carozzi, bs nosegrind overcrooks.