From the mag / abg 05: Elliot Murphy at Wallenberg. Worst trip ever / clip.

Oh man, that story sucks. I went to the contest and originally wanted to go for sw bs heel, but I tried it like four times and didn’t get close at all. Because it was hectic, it was pretty ridiculous to get tries in at that contest. I wasn’t feeling the sw bs heel, so I just flung out a sw bs flip, and it felt easier. On the third go I stuck one, I thought I could do it you know? Went for one more, I stuck it and my board broke ha ha. By the time I set up a new one, the contest was kind of reserved for bigger name dudes. My homie Garric was down to pay for a roll in to be built and the cost of a trip back down to Wallenberg, so Garric, Jeff (Halstad) and I went back two weeks later. I ended up flying off it and losing my balance. I broke my right ankle on the first go. It was a super bummer trip.