Fallen Italy at the skatepark of Sassari.

Jacopo Cervelli_bs kickflip.

On the last day of the “Fallen Sardegna Tour 2014” the Fallen italian team stopped at the brand new skatepark of Sassari for the opening of the park and for a demo together with the locals. Enjoy a few snaps from the event. The full article about the tour will be featured on a brief glance skateboardmag issue_25 out at the end of june. Stay tuned.

fallen demo sassari 1 (2 di 9)
Raffaele Schirinzi_bs lipslide.

Jacopo Cervelli_tre flip.

Ivan Inglese_nollie crooks.

Enrico and Carlo, South Centra Skateshop employees_double.

Jacopo Cervelli_corner to corner ollie.

Raffaele Schirinzi_halfcab to fs bosrdslide.

Jacopo Cervelli_bs tailslide.

Photos_Davide Biondani.