Cliché session & Blast! best trick at The Wall Skatepark.

A few weeks ago the Cliché team spent some days in Italy for filming for the new video, the last night a session went down at The Wall Skatepark with a best trick organized by Blast! Distribution (Giovanni Lobbia got 1st place) and the première of the Enjoi video. Below some photos from the sesh.

Maxime Geronzi, gap to bs tailslide.

Maxime Geronzi, fs feebs.   

Carlos Casteneda, nollie fs noseslide.  

Carlos Casteneda, bs noseblunt.  

Adrien Boulard, boneless to bluntslide.

Michele Mauri, bs kickflip.

Giovanni Lobbia, fs hurricane. 

(all photos_ Davide Biondani).