Bruno Aballay – interview.

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When have you been in Argentina for the last time?

Last december, I try to go for Christmas to see my family and be with my parents.

What do you miss most about Argentina?

Surely my parents and the “chive” that my mother cooks. I talk a lot with my brothers via Skype, there are a lot of friends that I’d love to see. But now I’m in Barcelona and I want to stay here for a few years.

How is life in Cordoba?

Cordoba is a beautiful city surrounded by nature and mountains, people are friendly and there are enough things to do… A lot of students come to Cordoba for the university.

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Is it true that you have an italian passport?

It is true. My grandmother is italian, she moved to Argentina when she was a child. I spent a lot of time to find all the documents related to my grandparents that are originally from a small village in northern Italy. But in the end I made it. I have to thanks Mauro Peduto for his valuable help.

Where have you been last summer?

I went to Finland, Copenhagen, London, Berlin and Ibiza.

Best place?

Scandinavia. I want to come back for sure.

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What’s up with DC? How was filming the video and travel a lot with the team?

All good with DC. The video has been a great project I feel very lucky to be part of it and I thanks everybody at DC to allow me to be part of the european team.

Plans for next months?

Not sure at present time, I’d like to go to the States for a few months or to Gran Canaria to excape the cold winter ah ah…

Want to add something?

Yes I want to thank SKATEBOARDING and all the friends I’ve met over the years… without them and without my family I would never get what I have now.

Happyness and peace, Bruno.