Big Air Plaza Saturday Sesh.

Last Saturday we were in Camerano at Big Air Lab after the re-paint, with the help of Vans,  of the amazing Big Air Plaza for a skate session with some friends. It was a  sunny day, skating the perfect ledges under the palm trees.. what more could we have asked for? Thanks to the Big Air squad for the good time together and for offering one of the best street course and indoor bowl you can skate in Europe.

Samuele Guidi, 360 flip.

Vince Palmer, switch heel flip.


Pasq Grispo, backside smith grind.

Andrea Cimadamore, frontside smith grind.

Tito Colica, fakie ollie switch backside 5-0.

Pasq Grispo, wallie transfer.

Jacopo Carozzi, kick flip 50-50 grind, from flat.

Giorse, straight wallie.

Candy squad.

Cise, hands down impossible.

Luca Crestani, hands down varial flip.

Tito Colica, fakie ollie switch frontside crooks.

Matt & Mia Tommasoli, frontside nosegrind.

Paris & Cise, manny fight part 1.

Paris & Cise, manny fight part 2.


Giorse airlines, 360 flip.

Jacopo Carozzi, frontside wallride.

Tito Colica, Vince Palmer, Nico Giovannoni.

Nico Giovannoni, nollie backside flip.

Cise, frontside big spin.

Jacopo Carozzi, nollie heel flip shuffle.

Vince Palmer, backside 360.

Van, switch kick flip.

All photos Davide Biondani.