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Mauro is tall, almost blond, his skin is super white and he eats very little… he is a fake sicilian!!! Ah ha ha. Actually he has solid roots in Sicily even if he doesn’t look like a typical sicilian guy. Very meticulous and precise in the things he does, he is always striving for perfection and this really helps him to improve. Sometimes he is too strict with himself and his mistakes and when we are at a spot and cannot do a trick he gets paranoid initiating a theater of insults to himself that is too funny. Hey, don’t get me wrong, mister Caruso is a funny guy who loves life and friends. I respect him a lot and I’m pretty sure his dedication to skateboarding will makes his dreams come true.



Luca Crestani is one of the best skaters I know, everybody loves him and everytime you get to see him skating you understand how much love and respect he has for skateboarding. He became one of the italian skateboard scene icon after he tuned 25 and he was already killing it for 10 years. The fact he always lived far way from the center of skateboarding maybe penalized him first but at the same time gave him that energy to keep skating, travelling and learning that only a few people have. Luca has always a new trick in the pocket for you, a new funny story to tell and he enjoys skateboarding like no one else. You can’t stop a guy like him!



Luca is, together with Crest, the only one left from the old Nike SB team. He is 24 years old and he lives in a fantastic place called Sardegna, the other big island of Italy. The guys have nicknamed him “Crazy Horse”, I don’t know why whether it is because he does lines at an absurd speed or because he screams and acts like a madman when he lands his tricks… Luca is a really nice person, very emotional and very impetuous at the same time and every time I go shoot photos with him he always surprises me with amazing tricks.



It’s always a pleasure to see a young skateboarder with such a beautiful style skating and ripping every spot we went to, bringing home a lot of tricks and enjoying every single moment of the day.Jacopo is the youngest of the team, he is 15 years old, he lives in Milan and he has been the last to get on Nike SB. He brought a breath of fresh air on the trip with his smile and his serenity and if I had a team I would have him on, definitely.



If someone were to ask me who the most dedicated and determined skateboarder I have ever met is, I would have no doubt; I would say Lambi. He started skating when he was a little kid and has spent most of his life on the board. He is 30 years old now and has a kid, but he is still pushing beyond his limits: what impresses me most is the energy and the motivation he still has when throwing himself down big gaps for hours to land his tricks and pushing teammates to skateboard.



I have know Jerome for a long time now. One of my first memories of him is when Sumo skate store was still open in Sheffield. A few of us were stood around when Jerome came in with a rabbit in his backpack. I still ask Jerome about that rabbit to this day as I was concerned for it’s well being but he insists it was well looked after. Now Jerome is more likely to have a camera in his backpack rather than a rabbit. He has been doing a lot of traveling which is perfect for both his photography and his skateboarding which give him a healthy balance. I am sure you will see more of Jerome for years to come with both his skating and his photos. Enjoy.

What actually happened to the rabbit from the backpack? That is this story of you goin’ into a skateshop in Sheffield with a rabbit in your backpack?
That is actually true at the time it seemed like a really good idea, basically the guy that owned it was going to get rid of it and I was like no way I’ll take that shit, but the only carrying device I had was a back pack ha ha ha seems stupid right now.

Ha ha ha… Wassup Jerome, are you back from Barcelona?
Yeah, just got back it’s nice and cold, perfect, I think am over planes and trains.

What were you there for?
Basically it was the second part of an advert campaign for Carhartt clothing, had a lot of fun out there, met some cool dudes and climbed some hills you know how it is ha ha.

Do you you feel at ease in front of the camera posing for photos?
I don’t feel comfortable at all, I don’t know were to look and as for posing ha ha I haven’t got a clue about what to do, my poses are all the same, I guess that could be my thing ha ha.

Before Barcelona you spent a week in Sicily with Nike SB Italy, coming straight from the first Carhartt shooting in Barca… and before all that you were on tour in Ecuador with Blueprint. Seems like you had a busy winter or you just have been hating on Sheffield lately? Ah ha ha.
No no I really love Sheffield it’s a really rad place I admit the weather sucks but the scene is rad, saying that tho I do like to escape to warmer climates especially over winter. I have been trying to keep as busy as I can, gotta keep moving.

What makes Sheffield better than everywhere else in the UK?
Not just the UK perhaps the world ha ha I don’t know its just my home, my family my girlfriend and friends are here thats why its the best, its nice to leave but its nicer to come home if you get me.

You said you just moved into a new house after living for a long time with Baines.
Yeah actually right now while writing this am surrounded by boxes getting ready for a second move too a new place, am excited its near to parks and the centre so it should be rad.

Was fun to move all your stuff out?
Ha ha moving is fun but carrying that shit is the worst, my arms are not ready.

How was the trip to Sicily? Why were you there?
Sicily was so rad, really enjoyed myself, rad crew and good spots despite the copious amount of huge double sets ha ha but yeah I really had fun. I was on the trip as a guest stow away ha ha.

What do you think about the guys of the new Nike SB italian team? You can say anything bad about them… I’ll cover your back 100%, no worries ha ha ha. Who was the craziest one?
All those dudes are incredible really amazing skaters and generally nice geezers, the craziest one has to be Luca “Crazy Horse” Doneddu; what is that guy he’s like some sort of cartoon, I really couldn’t figure him out but that makes him so rad he’s constantly cracking jokes (often ones that suck) but he is so cool and he’s a dope skater, mad speed and stunts, what a dude. Watch out for the Crazy Horse !!!!

What did impress you the most about Sicily? Was that your first time on the island?
Actually no I have been once before for a family wedding, the food man its so good its crazy I didn’t actually come to skate just to eat.

I have seen you shooting pictures with a Laica camera. What model is it?
Its an M6 one of the older models out now but its my pride and joy.

It’s a really good camera. How long have you been into photography?
I have been in to photography since i was about 13 and now i cant get enough of it.

What do you prefer shooting? Black and white only? Do you print your photos?
I really go though stages sometimes i will only shoot black and white then perhaps ill see someones color work and be like wooo that looks so sick so i’ll switch it up, I used to print and develop my stuff whiles I was at uni but stopped when I left i would like to start doing it again perhaps in my cellar that would be dope.

Do you like football? I’ve heard you are a Sunderland fan… Why Sunderland?
Ha ha ha strangely yes I am a Sunderland fan, I am not actually sure why because they never win but I guess I just like the way they play football its really similar to watching Barcelona ha ha ha.

Do you argue with Baines about football? He’s a Sheffield Wednesday fan… . ha ha ha.
Not really so much about watching it but when we play we argue ha ha am not sure why, I think were both just competitive.

Apart from skateboarding, photography and football what are your interests?
I am really interested in design and books not necessarily reading them but there formats and stuff like the cover work.

What music do you like to listen to? Tell me the names of 3 bands you are listening to lately…
I really listen to anything. Au Revoir Simone, Bell Orchestre, Lords Of The Underground.

What do you think about the craze of social networks we live in today? People seems to spend all their time in front of a computer instead of going out and live the real life. What do you think?
Delete that shit, the world is out there.

How was the Blueprint tour in Ecuador? Did you get to see any amazing places?
Wow yea some crazy stuff, its a really eye opening place there is always something strange and unusual going on, the spots really were sick completely different to european stuff, it was a really rad place, strange food tho.

Are you concerned about the threat of nuclear catastrophe after the earthquake in Japan?
Its super gnarly I don’t really know what to think.

Plans for the upcoming summer?
Just trying to keep busy, there may be plans to return to Sicily with some lads for a short trip but yeah just to keep moving and jumping about the place ha ha.

Thanks Jerome. Want to add something?
Just a big thank you, cheers from Sheffield.



This was the first time I met Maxime and before it I didn’t really know much about him besides he was french, a really good skater and that he was our special guest for the Adriatic coast Nike sb Texture tour. I was curious to know him.
The thing the got stuck in my head is how much he wanted to skate everyday but even more were his bangers without warming up: the nollie bigspin down the double set was in a few tries without trying to ollie it first and in a week he just landed straight bangers. The linguistic barriers weren’t a big deal for him because Max is a really funny guy that makes always jokes and in every crew photo he was the one with the weirdest and funniest position.
A bientôt Maxime.

Hi Maxime, how are you?
Hello, shaped, as always.

How old are you and where you live?
I’m 20 years old, 21 in no time, and I live in Perpignan.

Perpignan is in France but one hour away from Barcelona, do you go in BCN very often?
Yes Perpignan is in France, not in Japan, about 200 kilometers from Barcelona. I use to go there very often but now I have my things to do and I don’t have much time. I love Barcelona, the city gives me a sense of freedom, there are many cool places to skate and I like to see the city changed and renewed.

Where have you been lately?

How was your trip with the Nike SB italian team? How was having to deal with a bunch of crazy italians for one week?
It was a funny trip, with very good people, surprised at the beginning because I didn’t knew It was the only non italian skater of the crew, but all good. I had a great time.

Best trick of the tour?
The craziest trick of the tour was Marco’s bluntslide on the round ledge. Shocking!

How could you try nollie biggie down this big double set as first trick… without warming up?
Ouff… easy dude!

Do you usually go straight for a big trick and land it in few tries?
Don’t know, I do what comes to my mind at the moment.

What do you do beside skateboarding?
I do my skate… I live my life peaceful.

Three bands you are listening at the moment?
113 clan; Holla; Rakim.

Craziest things you have done in your life?
Loved a woman, fs rodeo in snow.

Any plan for the upcoming summer?
Vamos a la playa!!!! I love summer!!!

Which are your sponsors now?
Nike SB, Mabasi tools, Independent trucks.

Thanks Max, talk soon.
Thank you Nike Italy, I’ll never come back..ha ha ha… No, I love you!!! Ciao bella family.



Daniel Lebron was one of the surprises of this series of tours. Maybe you don’t know (and that’s your fault mate), but Daniel is a milestone in European skateboarding. Over fifteen years ago, he left Spain to the holy land of Los Angeles, with his friends (Jesus Fernandez and his brother) just to follow their dreams of skateboarding. After a few months the “Spaniards”, as they were called by the locals, were greeted with an article by TWS Skateboarding. They had no money at all, skated all day, and located themselves in a really bad neighborhood just to save money.
It doesn’t matter what it took, but they just wanted to skate !

At first Daniel was sponsored by Neighborhood Skateboards and with Jesus they started to have some coverage around.

He always had the right pop and the right style, but maybe he was missing the right “mind” to skate at a professional level in California… whatever it means.
After all these years, and board companies floating around he found himself in Stacks wood, owned by the one and only Reese Forbes, and as Daniel says: “Back in the days I had the legs, but not the mind… Now I don’t’ have legs anymore, but I have the mind.

I’ve seen him around in the most awkward places during this ten plus years, from plaza Colon in Madrid, to USC ledges in Los Angeles, to Macba, and I’ve never introduced myself. My fault.
He always looks humble and down to hearth, and really focused on what he’s doin’, and I think that he’s one of the fews that has “the gift” to do something better than other, from play with a piece of wood with wheels, to follow the footsteps of Paco De Lucia. Style is somethin’ natural, you can’t force it, or fake it. He has style and we’re lucky ’cause he’s not afraid to show it to us.



Wassup Korahn? All good in Bristol?
Yeah all good in Bristol man.. Just skating loads and working. All gravy.

How is Bristol as a place where to live? A lot of stuff to skate?
Bristol’s pretty cool, got some good spots and there is always a lot of parties and festivals in the summer.

How old are you and how long have you been skating?
I am 23 and I have been skating for 11 years.

What you do beside skateboarding? You told me you work a personal trainer in a gym…
I work in fitness first as a fitness instructor, I am qualified as a personal trainer but I don’t want to commit to it yet coz I want to skate.

You are in a really good shape, what’s your daily workout?
I go to the gym with my bro 3-4 times a week, do a bit of chest one day, back the next, maybe shoulders and arms another day… Not too fussed about the muscles anymore ha.. I’m doing lots of plyometric training so I can jump/ollie higher at the moment… Pretty fun!

I know you like football and you are an Arsenal fan…Why Arsenal?
Coz they are the shizzle!!! Come on you Gooooooners!!!!

So on saturday you go down at the pub, get some beers and then you go out with your firm to kick other team fan’s asses…ah ha ha…
Ha ha ha I’m not into fighting, defo up for a beer though ha!

Do you play also in a team?
Yeah I play loads of football, play for two teams on the weekend… Not gonna play as much this year because I wanna skate more!! Need to get oooooon it!

How was this trip to Sardegna?
Yeah that was an amazing trip dude! Sick crew, sick spots and dope food!!!
How did it happened you joined the Nike SB italian team last minute as special guest? I know you were in Sicily with Nike UK for another trip…
Yeah I was on the trip with the UK team and the italian team needed a guest so I hopped on board!! Good times!

So you visited the 2 main islands of Italy in one trip…Was this your first time in Italy?
Yeah first time but definitely not the last! Best food everrrrrr!!!

Which spot you like the most and which have been the best trick in your opinion?
I would say swimming in the blue water.. ha ha ha..
Ha ha ha defo the blue water… So nice.

Three bands you are listening to at the moment?
Uhhh… I can’t think of 3… Or 1… I like Iron Maiden.

Any plan for next months?
Skate, skate, skaaaate!!! Before the rain comes!