Vans AVE Pro_Reimagined by Beatrice Domond.

Vans rider Beatrice Domond reimagines the AVE Pro, Vans most technically-advanced skate shoe to date. Beatrice incorporates her style through custom floral print on the sockliner and an ornate paisley design on the shoe’s quarters, inspired by her favorite childhood bedroom set: “I would dream on it of one day getting to be a part of something of this caliber,” she explains. “Not to get too sentimental… a lot of time and thought went into this. I really, really wanted it to be something special.” Her hand-drawn signature shows through the translucent outsole, and much like Beatrice, the shoe’s marshmallow and jade colorway is cool yet understated.

Getting to do a colorway on the Ave Pro is pretty unreal. I mean, it’s the most flattering compliment one can receive,” Beatrice said. “Anthony is a man of few words and high standards. He doesn’t really settle, and it shows throughout his skating and in everything else he does. So, for him to want to do something with both our names on it is a lot of respect.” 

Beatrice also recently curated her own Vans Spotify playlist. Similar to her design for the AVE Pro, the songs she included are from special times in her life that bring her back to the moment or day she experienced them.

Vans AVE Pro by Beatrice Domond is available tomorrow (January 12th) at and Vans Skate retailers.