Es’givien: a fashion brand and a life philosophy.

Es’givien: a fashion brand and a life philosophy.

Es’givien, la Linea di Parole (the Words Line). Because inside every garment it is kept a thought dedicated to who is wearing it. Hidden, but within reach.

I do appreciate the moment.

Everything always at any moment can happen.

I sip a sparkling life.

The logo: a set of characters straight, reverse side, upside down, rotated and turned. Different character for character that are different.

Everybody can read it as they like. Everybody with their own character.

What does it mean for you?

A refined basic taste for products that whisper smartness and refinement. An easy to wear product with precious materials and unique details, entirely made in Italy.

Awards: Pitti Immagine Florence, White Milan, Stark Berlin, Tra Noi Paris, Coterie New York.

Where: in the top boutiques from Paris to Moscow, from New York to Dubai, from Tokyo to London. Always