Wild In The Streets_2014

On June_21 Emerica and Blue distribution organized the italian edition of  the Wild In The Streets 2014. There will be events all over the country. Find the one closer to you and have fun with your friends.

Locations and meeting points below:

Milano: Piazza Duca D’Aosta at 15:30

 Bologna: Hangover Skateshop, Via Borgo San Pietro 135/B at 15:30

 Arona: AcriminalG, Piazza San Graziano ore 14:00

 Torino: Skateboarding’s Finest, Via San Massimo 5 Bis at 15:00

Napoli: Piazza Salerno ingresso Centro Direzionale at 16:00 (feat. London Vomero)

Savona: Giardini delle Trincee at 15:30 feat. Homies Skateshop)

Pisa: Piazza Vittorio Emenuele at 15:30 (feat. Sanantonio 42)

Vicenza: Piazza Alcide De Gasperi, at 17:30 (feat. Blunt Skateshop)

Catania: Parco Gioeni ore 14:00 (feat. Altro Shop)

Palermo: Yankee Shop Via Rosolino Pilo 24/26, ore 15:00

Alghero: Sexboard Shop, Via Roma 57, ore 15:00



If you’ll be in Milano don’t forget the “4_24 Four Years of a brief glance” photo exhibition & booklet release from 6:00pm to 9:30pm @ Appartamento Lago via Brera, 30 _ Milano.