Welcome to a brief glance skateboardmag issue_24.

We’re pleased to present you the latest a brief glance skateboardmag. Issue_24 celebrates our first 4 years and we feel this one holds something special.


Inside the issue:

FRAGMENTS / four shots of four of our favorite skateboarders_

Muòrica / shredding with Mauro trough the labyrinth of tiny alleys of an old city founded 1360 years Before Christ_

Brian Gaberman_Photographer / “If you ask ten skateboard photographers who their favorite skate-photographers are, eight out of ten will probably mention Brian Gaberman.”

Places_Buenos Aires / breathing fresh air in the capital of Argentina_

The Ghost Boat / real skaters don’t ease down, they adapt_

ART NOW!_Codeczombie_Brian Lotti_A.RMN.P_Olivier Vrancken / for the fourth birthday of a brief glance we asked four of the artists featured on abg/ARTNOW! over the past few years to create a piece dedicated to abg_

Dusted Off_Julien Bachelier / Lyon 2009_

On the cover: Ale Martoriati_Ollie_Roma. Photo_Davide Biondani_