Vans TNT Advanced Prototype_wear test.

Yesterday a solid crew coming from all over the country met up at the Ottone Bowl, in Lodi, Italy, for the Vans TNT Advanced Prototype model wear test. The whole Italian Vans skate team & some good friends braved the torrid heat of July, the mosquitoes and a suffocating humidity, skating the perfect bowl and the street area, testing the new TNT, drinking beers and enjoying an excellent BBQ. When the sun went down the 80s style jump ramp session started and kept till the guys were done by the skating, by the heat, and by the most aggressive mosquitoes of the area. Thanks to the guys at Vans Italy for the sick event. It was good fun.

Ale Mazzara, fs blunt.

Aref Koushesh, nosebonk tailgrab.

Mattia Turco, bs nollie fakie nosegrind.

Nico Vitali, lien air.

Ludovico Patti, fe feeble grind.

Alberto Della Beffa, Turin magic 01.

Ale Mazzara, nosegrind tail grab.

Indro Martinenghi, bs ollie.

Ale Mazzara, transfer.

Simone Verona, melon transfer.

Indro Martinenghi, fs disester fakie ride  down.

Alberto Della Beffa, Turin magic 02.

all photos: Davide Biondani.