Vans Shop Riot Milano 2022.

The Italian leg of the Vans Shop Riot 2022 took place last Saturday in Milano, at Pinbowl Skatepark. 19 teams battled in the fresh new street course, renewed for the occasion with the help of Vans Europe, in front of noisy and enthusiastic spectators who enjoyed the comp, the beers, the street food trucks, the photo exhibition, the screen printing area and the “Vans Shop Riot” free griptape. The skate shops involved were: Settestrati, Big Air Lab, 7 Hills Store, Dear George, Frisco, Kahuna, Eight Ball, Streets On Fire, Minoia Board Co, Street Style Skateboarding, Bottega Sk8, Pacific Drive, Impact Shop, Acriminalg, Pepper Skateshop, Radical Shop, Skateboarding’s Finest, Switch, Pleasure Milano. Pleasure team got 3rd place, Settestrati second and Frisco’s team got first place and will compete at the Vans Shop Riot European finals next October. Enjoy the photo report. (All photos Davide Biondani).

Luca Crestani, noseblunt slide.

Cise, quarter to wall transfer.

Frisco’s team Agus Aquila, kickflip backside lipslide.

T-shirt of the year, courtesy of Settestrati Skateshops.

Lorenzo Silvestri, ollie transfer over the rail. 7 Hills.

Elmo, halfcab heelflip.

Big Air Lab’s squad, Elmo, Crest, Cise.

Pacific Drive’s squad, double.

Kevin Silva, frontside hurricane to fakie 50-50 revert.

Gianluca Broccatelli from Kahuna Shop, 360 flip.

Emma Boletti, from Minoai Boad Co.’s team.

Settestrati’s Pippo Coin, blunt to backside noseblunt.

Danny Sessa, 7 Hills’ agent, half cab transfer.

Giorse, 360 flip.

Giorse, pivot transfer.

Agus Aquila, kickflip noseslide.

Pippo Coin, Bennet grind.

Settestrati’s Cristiano Crepaldi & co.

Edo Olivetti & co.

Big Air Lab’s Luca Grattafiori & Lucio Pergola.

Lorenzo Silvestri from Roma with love.

Edo Olivetti.


Agustin Paschetta & Elmo.

Palma, Baruffo & Bas, straight out of Roxy Ring’s.

Luca Crestani, frontside tailslide.

Elmo, full speed caballeria transfer.

Big Air Lab’s squad.

Skateboarding’s Finest Edo Olivetti, hardflip.

“Hey Monty, what about a kickflip frontside boardslide on the rail?”.

Monty, kickflip frontside board slide on the rail.

Agustin Paschetta, 5-0.

Pleasure Milano’s Nauhel Fernandez, frontside blunt slide.

Frisco team.

Agustin Aquila, kickflip frontside board slide.