Vans Shop Riot finals 2017_Video report.

The Vans Shop Riot 2017 finals took place last week end at Pier 15 Skatepark in Breda, Holland where the 15 shop teams who won the national events met up to battle to be crowned champions of 2017. Skate Warehouse (UK) faced Flame (Italy) and Burnside (Holland) face Skated Boutique (Belgium) in the Semi-Finals. The final head to head saw Skate Warehouse vs Skate Boutique with 10+ minutes of amazing skateboarding, Skate Boutique got first place. Pedro Rosiero, of Bana Skate Shop, won the best trick contest with a perfect nollie bs 180 fakie 5-0 on the A-frame hubba. Congrats to all the skaters involved and to Vans Europe for the great event.