Vans Shop Riot 2023_ Italian edition at Wave Skatepark _ Photo report.

Last Sunday, July 2, took place the Italian leg of the 2023’s Vans Shop Riot. Ten skateshops sent their teams to Wave Skateparks, in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia, to battle for the glory and get the ticket for the European final that will be in Manchester, UK, later this year.

The Vans’ squad and the boys from the Wave Skatepark did an amazing job to make this event happens; a perfect location, with all the services needed, a huge garden, a sick concrete skatepark, food… a music festival called “Ibalea” was going on those days at the skatepark, so there was a huge stage with bands playing in the evening, a street market and a lot of people enjoying the day.

The teams were: Big Air Lab, Dear George, Blunt Skateshop, East Wind, Minoia Skate Society, Skateboarding’s Finest, Frisco Shop, Street Style, Acriminalg and Eightball.

Everyone skated their best under a neck burning sun that was so hot it took your breath away. A lot of tricks went down and in the end Frisco Shop took home first place, Eightball second and Skateboarding’s Finest third.

Noteworthy is a kickflip frontside bluntslide by Gabriele Balzarin from Blunt Skateshop on the rail, a switch kickflip board slide by Guido Zanotto from Street Style Shop and a big spin frontside board slide shove-it by Thomas Zaccaria from Minoia Skate Society both on the same rail.

Thanks Vans for this event, thanks to the great guys at Wave Skatepark and good luck to the Frisco team for the European finals.

Photos Davide Biondani 

Marco Iaria, frontside blunt slide.

Icaro Nardi, one foot.

Dear Gorge, squad.

Fra Baroni, slappy 50-50.

Frisco Shop team.

East Wind squad.

Elmo, nosegrind overcrooks.

Big Ail Lab team.

Adalberto Rinaldi backside nosegrind overcrooks.

AcriminalG boys.

Pietro Ferrari, heelflip to flat.

Minoia Board Co. squad.

Icaro Nardi airlines.

Cise, Icaro, Crest.

Eugenio Nardi, kickflip frontside board slide.

Jacopo Cerevelli, nollie backside to flat.

Niccolò Fabris, 360 flip.

Gabriele Balzarin, backward nosegrind.

East Wind Skateshop boys know.

Jack Thompson, crooks up.

Jack Thompson, backside smith backside out.

Pippo Coin, backside nosegrind.

Fra Baroni, kickflip.

Guido Zanotto, switch flip board slide. Best trick winner.

Fabio Montagner, kickflip crooks. Best trick winner.

Gabriele Balzarin, kickflip frontside boardslide.

Dj Toddy knows.

Ringo x Ringo x Dear George.

Frisco Shop, 1st place.

Eightball store, 2nd place.

Skateboarding’s Finest, 3rd place.


All rights reserved on the photos.

Photography Davide Biondani.