Vans Shop Riot 2018_Finals in Milano_Photo report.

The Vans Shop Riot Finals 2018 took place last week- end in Milano. It all started on Friday 26 with a quick skate session in Milano Centrale train station & a best trick contest at Bastard Bowl, plus an art show with amazing illustrations by Phil Hackett and a photo exhibition to celebrate the 10 years of the Shop Riot. Yes because this was the Vans Shop Riot 10 Years Anniversary Edition, for the occasion there was a very very special guest dj, the one and only John Caridel who killed it on the stage! On Saturday 27 the 14 teams coming from all over Europe plus Israel and Russia, met at the Pinbowl Skatepark for the contest. Every team skated the renewed park and blasted tricks on every obstacle, the new wall ride over the stairs and the replica of the famous Milano Centrale ledges included Skate.CH, Burnside (NL), Gilis from Israel and Traektoria from Moscow made through the final. The level of skateboarding was unbelievable high. The guys from Traektoria put down hammer after hammer; while one of the rider Skate.CH, who broke is board at the beginning of the run, landed a perfect kick flip over the hubba, first try, with a random board someone gave him. But this year no one could beat the Burnside team, from Holland; they were on fire and landed every trick on every obstacle, full speed wall ride to fakie over the stairs and a perfect nollie fs feeble on the big rail by Rob Maatman. Just to mention a few. Well deserved guys! Big ups to all the skaters who made it to Milano, to Vans for the fantastic event and to the skate-shop owners for keeping their doors open in a really tough time for skate-shops.

Bastard Bowl.

Jacopo Carozzi, bs indy.

Fabio Martin, fs air.

Fabio Montagne, fs nose grind.

Fabio Martin, finger flip.

Indro Martinenghi, stale fish.

Fabio Montagner, half cab nosegrind bs in over the love seat.

Cardiel & Monty.

Fabio Martin, fs feeble.

Vans Shop Riot 10 Years Anniversary photo exhibition.

John Cardiel.

Danny Wainwright & John Cardiel.


All photos Davide Biondani [Canon].