Vans Shop Riot 2017_July 16th, Wave Skatepark (Bs), Italy.

The italian event of the Vans Shop Riot 2017 will take place the 16th of July at Wave Skatepark, via Gavazzino 9 Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia.

Vans Shop Riot is an original concept by Vans, promoting Europe’s finest Street Skaters, whilst offering the Core Skateboard scene & Skateshops in Europe an authentic platform for recognition & community.
Skate Shops are the backbone of Skateboard Culture, and Vans Shop Riot is dedicated to Skate Shops & their teams, with this original series of contests across Europe. It’s the perfect opportunity for European Skate Shops to show they are an integral part of their local scene, as well as highlighting they have the best kids in their roster, who can win the series and generate worldwide exposure.

Every year, the Shop Riot Finals are held in a different country, using & showcasing some of the best Skateparks in the game, which usually hypes the winners and increases the level of Skateboard action. For 2017, we’ve partnered with Nixon & Custom Skateboards from a series perspective, and the finals will be happening in Milan, Italy in early October.

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