Vans Park Series_Malmo 2017_report.

The Vans Park Series event in Malmo of last week end was a great one; 3 days of sick skateboarding under a blue sky. Alex Sorgente got first place, while Tom Shaar and Karl Berglind 2nd and 3rd places respectively.Rune Glifberg won the Men’s VPS European Championship while Amelia Brodka from Poland won the Women’s category. Enjoy the photo & video report.

Kalle Berglind, madonna.

Cody Lockwood, fs blunt.

CJ Collins, Fs ollie.

Kevin Kowalski, bs judo.

Roman Pabich, 540.

Alex Sorgente, fs nosegrind.

CJ Collins, fs kickflip.

Willy Lara, bs grab.

Rune Glifberg, fs heelflip.

Raven Tershy, bs tail.

All photos Davide Biondani/Canon.