Vans Park Series Brazil_Results.

Congrats to brazilian skateboarding icon Pedro Barros who got first place at the Vans Park Series Brazil Global Qualifier. Italy’s Ivan Federico returns to the podium for his second runner up win to maintain his momentum as a star player in the series, while Alex Sorgente squeezes in third place. Next event of the Vans Park Series will be in Malmo, Sweden, on May_26-27th.

VPS Brazil Global Qualifier – Results

1. Pedro Barros
2. Ivan Federico
3. Alex Sorgente
4. Tom Schaar
5. Cory Juneau
6. Murilo Peres
7. Willy Lara
8. Tristan Rennie

VPS Men’s World Championship Tour – Pro Challenger Rankings

1. Tom Schaar
2. Murilo Peres
3. Willy Lara
4. Tristan Rennie
5. Roman Pabich