Vans Park Series 2018_ Malmo_Photo & video report.

Last September 7-8 we were in Malmo, Sweden, for the European leg of the Vans Park Series 2018; the event was a good one as always with all the top riders of the Park Series Pro Tour skating the Kroksbäck Skatepark and competing for the victory. Local hero Oski Rozenberg Hallber got first place in the Men’s final, with a last chance amazing run which made the crowd litelly go crazy. Second place for Clay Kreiner and third one for Pedro Barros. Well deserved Oski! The level of skateboarding in the Women’s final was great, every edition you see new sick tricks. Jordyn Barratt won ahead of Kisa Nakamura and Brighton Zeuner. Nora Vasconcellos, Lizzie Armanto, Nicole Hause, Sakura Yosozumi, Poppi Star Olsen… all of them killed it during the two days. Enjoy the photo & video reports.

Oski, bs nose blunt bomb drop.

Clay Kreiner, tweaked bs air.

Pedro Barros, fs air.

CJ Collins, one foot.

Tristan Rennie, fs blunt.

Karl Berglind, madonna to tail.

Trey Wood, kick flip melon.

CJ Collins.

Luiz Francisco, stale fish.

Trey Wood, 540.

Fernando Bramsmark, gap to ledge to drop in.

Roman Pabich, boneless.

Oski at the end of his final run.

Pedro, Oski, Clay.


Jordyn Barratt, handplant.

Kisa Nakamura, bs smith grind.

Brighton Zeuner, transfer to fs lipslide.

Yndiana Asp, 50-50 fs grab transfer.

Lizzie Armanto.

Lizzie Armanto.

Brighton Zeuner, bs 360.

Nicole Hause & Nora Vasconcellos.

Brighton Zeuner, feeble grind.

Lizzie Armanto, bs lipslide.

Sakura Yosozumi, fakie noseblunt.

Brighton, Jordy, Kisa.


All photos Davide Biondani [Canon]- Video report Guido Bendotti.