Vans Hero Jump_Milano.

Yesterday, June 13th, the Vans Hero Jump event took place in Milano at Stazione Centrale where the Vans crew put two wooden kickers. The first part of the event was a “cash for trick” contest during which a lot of sick tricks went down, while the second one was the “longest ollie contest”. Jacopo Carozzi covered the 4.5 meters distance from kicker to kicker and almost ollied 5 meters, taking home the 500 euros price. After the sesh everybody moved to Rufus Milano where there were beers, dj set and free pizzas.

Aref, fs ollie 360.

Nauel, hardflip.

Jacopo Carozzi, kickflip.

Jacopo Carozzi, halfcab transfer.

Kevin Duman, transfer to bs lipslide.

Jacopo Carozzi, nollie heel indy.

Jacopo Carozzi, fs kickflip.

Nico Bromo, kickflip indy.

Nauel, one foot.

Jacopo Carozzi, 4.5 metres ollie.


All photos Davide Biondani [Canon].