Vans Dusty Lines_Special issue & video.

The idea behind the Vans Dusty Lines project was to travel around the country in search of abandoned places to explore and skate. With just a rough plan and no clear idea about what to expect, the Italian Vans team ventured into this new journey that brought them to six different magical places: a cement factory, a mental hospital, a ghost town, an Olympic park, a manufactory, and a post office…. All of them abandoned, most of them destroyed and absolutely desolated. The boys had to use all their imagination to spot something skateable, they had to work for hours to remove stuff, clean the run ups, build kickers, and had to give blood, sweat, and tears to bring home their tricks. A sense of distress, non-existing flat, bearings stuck with dust, the risk of falling into the void as almost happened at the Cement Factory, being crushed by a collapsing wall… and an always dirty griptape… made this trip unforgettable.

Welcome to a special issue of a brief glance dedicated to this very special project and enjoy the great film by Alberto Chimenti Dezani & Patrick DeLorenzi @The Good Life Studio starring: Jacopo Picozza, Icaro Nardi, Simone Verona, Adalberto Rinaldi, Mattia Turco and Carlo Cassan.

[youtube width=”750″ height=”422″][/youtube]