Vans Chima Pro 2_wear test_Milano_Photo gallery.

On the occasion of the launch of the Chima Pro 2, last Saturday, February 24, Vans Italy organized a wear test and a skate session with the team and some shop riders in two classic street spots of Milano: Milano Centrale’s train station and Casa Milan. Since the the day before it was snowing and the weather forecast predicted rain all day, we were very lucky as it not only didn’t rain, but from the gray sky even a shy sun came out. The day ended beautifully with an aperitif at the Vans store where Steve Caballero, Hosoi, Tony Alva and Steve Van Doeren were there for an art show and to sign autographs.

Edoardo Olivetti _Fakie ollie fakie 5-0.

Pepe Tirelli_Bluntslide pop over.

Jacopo Picozza_Bs kickflip.

Icaro Nardi_One foot.

900px_vans-chima-prop-2-wear-test-milano-foto-davide-biondani-11 900px_vans-chima-prop-2-wear-test-milano-foto-davide-biondani-13

Icaro Nardi_Fs wallride.

Icaro Nardi_Ollie into the bank.


All photos Davide Biondani / Canon.