Vans The Ave Pro_Wear test Milano.

The Vans The Ave Pro wear test took place yesterday in Milano at Pinbowl Skatepark where some Vans and shop riders tested the new shoe and enjoyed the day eating pizza and skating the park.

Icaro Nardi is back.

Ruben alles.

Professor Dave.

Mattia Turco unboxing the new Ave Pro.

Carlo Schievano, backside lìpslide.

Mattia Turco, backside nosegrind backside out.

Mattia Turco, frontside nosegrind.

Efrem Sapienza, fakie ollie one foot.

Vince Palmer, backside 360.

Mattia Turco, backside heel flip.

Cise, backside nosegrind.

Photos Davide Biondani.