The Wedding Wave in Berlin.

The Wave (July 8 – September 14, 2014) is a wooden sculpture that, at 88 feet long and 33 feet wide, will fill the entirety of Stattbad Wedding’s former men’s swimming pool. The wave-shaped sculpture will be a skate ramp, a room installation and a dynamic object, so it can also be used for stage purposes in several ways. Given the dialogue between architectural structures and cultural exchange, the entire project will be part of a transformative process that will include every single person involved.


The Wave is supposed to be a playground for the whole city. In fact we have decided to generate the funds needed for the project independently, and to integrate every single sponsor into the organic and responsive process instead of alienating it through advertising. Only then can the idea that ‘free individuals create themselves’ be realised. The crowdfunding page indiegogo seems to be ideal for this purpose.


They need to raise 40.000€ follow this link for more infos and donations.