The Jaunt #3_new trip announced.

Our friends at The Jaunt announce their next trip, this time exploring the Baltics – the country of Lativa to be precise, with artist Saša Ostoja.

Artist: Saša Ostoja

The Amsterdam based artist Saša Ostoja was born and raised in Utrecht, while his mother has roots in Croatia. Which explains that weird little thingie above the second s. His work is best described as playful and colorful, with a twist of darkness. The characters in his work, mostly animals, all appear to be having a good time. But it doesn’t take long before you notice severed limbs, weapons and other cruel actions hidden inside the universes that Saša creates. It will be very interesting to see what inspiration Saša finds in Latvia, and what he takes home with him.

Destination: Riga, Latvia

The third trip of The Jaunt will be taking us towards the Baltics – the country of Latvia, to be precise. We will be heading to the capital Riga, but surely also be out and about exploring the rest of country. Riga can be called the contemporary cultural hub of the Baltics, where a lot of new projects ranging from art, illustration to comics are taking place. Galleries, stores and publications are popping up all over the place in the midst of the dense cultural history of Latvia.

As recent as just a little more then twenty years ago, Latvia was still occupied by the Soviet Union – and didn’t regain their independence before 1991. The presence of history is to be seen and felt throughout the country. Many deserted Soviet army bases are still to be found around Riga, including a military sight with one of the biggest satellite dishes in the world. The focus of a country moving forward surrounded by recent occupation history makes sure for an interesting background for every visitor.

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