The DVS Planes, Trains and Automobiles Tour 2014_Photo and video report_Bozen and Brescia.

The DVS team spent a few weeks touring around Europe for the Planes, Trains and Automobiles Tour 2014. Daewons Song, Torey Pudwill, Zack Wallin, Jon Nguyen, Louis Tolentino, Flo Mirtain, Paul Shier, Marty Murawski, Louis Taubert and Adrien Coillard travelled trough Germany, Italy, France and Spain to skate some street spots, do some demos and meet the fans. We had the chance to stay with the boys for some days during their staying in Italy. Enjoy the video and the photo report about the demo in Bozen and Meran.

BOZEN_Platza Skatepark.

The meeting point was at Sub Skateshop in Bozen in the afternoon, at 9:00 am 20 kids where already in front of the shop waiting for the pros! Unbelievable. By the afternoon the skaters outside the shop where 200 and the signing lasted more than two hours.

Torey at Sub Shop in Bozen.

Torey Pudwill meets the fans.

Shier, Insta time.

Daewon, Marty, Torey signing for the fans.


Paul Shier and Luis Tolentino.


The black clouds in the sky didn’t promise anything good and before it started to rain the crew moved to the Platza Skatepark for the demo in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd. The sky cleared and the sun came out, so everyone could skate and enjoy the day. In the evening we moved to Meran, where the guys from Fakie Shop organized a bbq and built a special park for the event behind their warehouse. The park was fun to skate and a good session went down after a few beers. Thanks to the DVS team, to Franz and Eric from Fresco distribution, to Lukas from Sub Shop and to Alex from Fakie Shop for the hospitality and for the fun day spent together, and of course for the best bbq skatepark ever!

Luis Tolentino, ollie over to 50-50 down.

Daewon Song.

Louis Taubert, kickflip shifty.

Zack Wallin, fs grab.

Flo Mirtain, bs kickflip.

Zack and Daewon.

Torey, Paul, Jon.

Zack Wallin, fs feeble.

Flo Mirtain, kickflip fs crooks.

Torey Pudwill, bs nollie flip.

BRESCIA_Railway Skatepark.

The second demo was at Railway Skatepark in Brescia, before the event the DVS team spent one hour at Frisco Skateshop for the signing and right after moved to the park where about 500 screaming skaters were waiting for them. Everybody skated and Daewon made the crowd go crazy blasting some bangers on a metal flatbar on top of a quarter pipe with the help of the locals who hold the bar in vertical position for him.

Marty Murawski.

Frisco Shop.



Daewon Song, board slide up to fakie.

Daewon Song, blunt to fakie.

Marty Murawski, fs kick flip up….

…to fakie kickflip to crooks out.

Louis Taubert, fs pop shove-it over.

Daewon Song, fs kick flip over.

Torey Pudwill, bs overcrooks.

Daewon song, 5-0 grind up to fakie.

All photos and words_ Davide Biondani // a brief glance_