Strange Skateboards_Two Minutes of Random Footy.

Strange Skateboards has a long history, spanning more than 10 years, they just release a new video edit with footage filmed during the last two trips featuring the whole team: Fabio Montagner, Jacopo Picozza, Fabio Bottelli, Andrea Colzani, Alvin Francescato, Angelo Netto, Francesco Marconato, Nicolò Bromo, Michele Salini, Daniele Zennaro, Gianluca Miotto.

Check abg issue _11 and abg issue _15 for full articles about Strange Skateboards tours.


“Two minutes of random footage only for describe who we are. We are on the streets collecting new tricks and experiences. Where are you at?”


[vimeo width=”750″ height=”422″][/vimeo]