“Sapore di Sale” Vespa Tour 2020.

“Sapore di Sale” is a short film documenting a journey from Northern Italy to Versilia on board of three original Vespa featuring Mattia Todero (PX 125, 1983), Cristiano Passarin (Granturismo 125, 1966), Davide Biondani (Rally 180, 1970) and Simone Verona (Ape Piaggio Max D) driving 700 km in four days, skating some spots and enjoying the whole experience. “The journey, your Vespa, the sound of the motor, the absolute feeling of freedom, and no awareness of passing time: these are elements representing the essence of this adventure of which skateboarding was only the icing on the cake together with the magical energy that only a group of good friends can provide.” Filming and editing Simone Verona.