Independent skateboard companies are the backbone of skateboarding and starting a skateboard company is every skateboarder’s dream, but you must love skateboarding insanely to make it work in the long run.

We have decided to pay homage to four Italian skateboard companies that have been doing things with passion, dedication, and enthusiasm for over 10 years.

QUATTRO means “four” in Italian, and the idea behind this project was to visit each of their cities to know more about their history and their background. 7 days for each team.

Dumb Skateboards, El Santo, FVTVRA, Plazaboards: four companies, four scenes, four weeks, and four different, fantastic stories.

Welcome to QUATTRO.

Simone Verona_Hurricane // Dumb Skateboards_ Lodi. Photo Davide Biondani.

Filippo Cilia_Kickflip // FVTVRA_Milano. Photo Davide Biondani.

Luca Crestani_Fs wallride // El Santo Skateboards_Torino. Photo André Lucat.

Sergio Pontillo_Bean plant // Plazaboards_ Napoli. Photo Davide Biondani.


QUATTRO  has been released in collaboration with Vans.