” 36 shots: those of a roll. 36 black and white analogues that tell of streets and people that travel and live there. 36 urban frames: details and geometries of which we are not aware, while immersed in the chaos of everyday life, driven by the rush to go and exist, blind guests of the place that hosts us.
The garage of  Via Carcani heart of a trip on the road, the parking lot where it’s an opportunity to stop and start again”.

The photographic journey of Perry Hall – aka “Wanderdust Photography” – began by chance in March 2014, thanks to an old Canon AE1 borrowed from a friend during a visit to the prison of Alcatraz in San Francisco, California. Since that time, with great curiosity and careful look to the world around him, he experiences this art: his shots, still immature but strong with the bold honesty that the road has taught him, document years of traveling around the world, among one and the other coast of America, Europe and Sardinia. His pictures become in this way frames of his personal experience and vision of the exploration, the result of the urge of transferring to film the images stolen from his random encounters. Perry’s work presents itself as an expressive necessity, present since day one and asserted in him with vehemence, after the encounter with the fascinating world of the analog photography.