Nike SB_Paris AM_Finals‏.

After a morning of rain, blazing sunshine bathed the ‘pop-up’ park designed to test the adaptability of the skaters. The top 3 from the Paris AM have all emerged in just the last 2 years and are becoming familiar faces one the international scene. 3rd Egor Kaldikov form St. Petersburg, Russia, mixed technical ability with consistency. 2nd place Vincent Milou stepped up his game in the final run, but taking the win right off the back of his 1st place in the London AM was Aurelien Giraud who defies belief with his power and effortless consistency when it counts.

Vincent Milou, crooks pop over. Photo Marcel Veldman.

Kai Hillebrand, fs Boneless.


1st_Aurelien Giraud (FRA).

2nd_Vincent Milou (FRA).

3rd_Egor Kaldikov (RUS).

Photos_Marcel Veldman, Maksim Kalanep.