The first signature shoes from Nike SB skater Nyjah Huston. Nyjah Free skate shoe delivers the optimal grip of a full rubber upper and the 1 – to – 1 fit of an internal neoprene bootie. Designed with flexibility in mind, its minimized break-in time means more skate days. Cutouts on the lateral and medial sides offer breathability and reveal the shoe’s magwire reinforcement cage. Adaptive auxetics enable seamless foot to board connection and superior range of motion.

The most important thing to me was immediate break-in and longevity because I like to skate my shoes for a long time. The front had to be thin and close to the foot to give you better connection to your foot and better connection to the board. You need your shoe to feel worn in but still maintain the right flick and feel right on your board. The solution suggested was a new material rubber upper, and I thought it was sketchy at first. I expected we’d go with suede because that’s what I’ve always skated in. But we tried it, and it was so legit. Honestly perfect. It’s really thin, so it only takes a day or two to really break in. But it takes a long time to rip and I think that’s important for kids out there. They want to be able to skate in their shoes for a while“.

The Nike SB Nyjah releases February 27 at select retailers and March 1 on